Stijma Triltechniek B.V. represents NetterVibration in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). NetterVibration (Germany) is an international leader in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic vibrators. In addition to the standard versions offers NetterVibration stainless steel vibrators and vibrators for ATEX environments, specially developed and certified for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
In addition to the vibrators offers Stijma Triltechniek BV you all kinds of accessories, ranging from control valves, air supply kits to complete control cabinets .
Stijma Triltechniek B.V. has the potential to complete customer specified vibration stations and chutes including designing the control panels, producing, placing and tuning in consultation with the client and users.
Shanghai HANGOU MECH+ELEC EQPT repesents Stijma Triltechniek B.V. in China. Look at Contact for more details.